Rico Sheen – “Child Of The Ghetto (C.O.T.G.)” Mixtape [Free Download]

Rico Sheen

West Up. We have a new artist to introduce to y’all today named Rico Sheen from West Los Angeles, specifically La Cienega Heights. Rico is a member of the WLAMG aka WestLA Music Group, along with four other artists. He’s seen a lot in his life growing up in West LA, including plenty of hardships ranging from friends and family being murdered to prison stints and people telling him he would never amount to anything. Instead of letting the negativity surrounding him stop his growth, he chose channel his energy into his music.

He dropped his first mixtape in 2013, titled “Live What I Speak, Speak What I Live” and it was well received and lead to shows with Kurupt and more, including an upcoming February 8th show with Grand Hustle artist Young Dro. His newest mixtape “C.O.T.G. (Child of the Ghetto)” dropped Feburary 3rd, 2014 and features artists from his WLAMG camp.

The cover of the mixtape is actually a real life situation that took place in West LA, Rico (in the background in the white shirt) was being harassed by a cops because he fit a “description” to the point were the cop drew his gun. The tape represents both the dark side of Sheen’s life to the bright side Of Rico’s life, he wants people to understand no matter where you live, whether it’s the bad side of La Cienega or the good side, rich or poor, have fun, be happy it’s only one life to live. You can listen to and download the mixtape below or by clicking here.

West Koast Mixtapes – C.O.T.G

For more on Rico Sheen you can follow him on Twitter @RicoSheen and on Instagram at RicoSheen.



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