Syndrome Interview with (September 2015)

Syndrome Album Cover

West Up. As a trusted source for all things West Coast, we love to showcase the impact and power California culture has across the world, especially when it comes to rap and hip-hop. One great example of that reach is a rapper by the name of Syndrome, who wasn’t only inspired by the golden era of West Coast rap, he actually ended up working with many of those very artists. He teamed up with legendary West Coast rapper and producer Daz Dillinger (of the Dogg Pound) for an album called “International Paperchaser” and talked to us about the album, his career and much more. You can check it out below.

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Flatland Entertainment Interview with (June 2015)

Flatland Ent Logo

West Up. One of our main goals here at is to help shine light on promising and hard working West Coast entertainment artists and companies through our promotional network. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of those companies and their leader, OG Big MaMa of Flatland Entertainment, who we’ve featured before. A vet in the game who has been putting in work since the 80s, she shared some insight into the company’s origins, roster and more, you can check it out below.

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Raj Hills Interview with (April 2014)

Raj Hills

West Up. We had the chance to catch up with an artist by the name of Raj Hills for an exclusive interview. He’s worked with a long list of well known West Coast legends, including DJ Quik, Suga Free, Kam and more and has a new project coming out very soon. We caught up with him to get some background on his career, talk about the new project, Tupac, possible acting and much more. You can check it out below, along with some of his videos.

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Compton World Interview with (February 2014)

Compton World

West Up. We recently caught up with a rising star coming out of a city that many of you should be familiar with – Compton. With such a rich hip-hop history the CPT is widely recognized as a breeding ground for future rap stars and we sat down with one hoping to be next in line: Compton World.

Representing for his city and Get The Doe Ent, Compton World caught up with us to talk about his career, his new project “The Function” with DJ Carisma and DJ Mustard, which is set for a February 19th release and much more.

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Chucc 1 Interview with (December 2013)

Chucc 1 - Rare Breed

West Up. We’re excited to share a brand new interview with y’all today. We caught up with a rising young artist out of Sacramento, California by the name of Chucc 1. Music is nothing new to Chucc 1, who grew up testing his skills on a variety of musical endeavors. It’s helped make him a multi-faceted artist, one willing and able to work several hustles at once to help propel his career.

He recently released his latest project “Rare Breed” which you can download here. He’s the CEO of his own Urners Ent and is pushing the line for his city, his passion and his roots.

[To read the rest of the interview click here]

– –

Kevin Pistol Interview with (June 2013)

Kevin Pistol 2013

West Up. We caught up with Denver, Colorado rapper Kevin Pistol for an exclusive new interview. A veteran of the rap game, Kevin Pistol was most recently featured here on for his video “My Patna!” and a promo called “Man, Myth, Legend.” We sat down with the multi-talented artist to talk about his career, aligning with West Coast legend Mack 10‘s “Hoo Bangin’” records and to showcase his latest music video “I Dab,” which highlights a popular method of enjoying marijuana in the appropriately named Mile High City.

[To read the rest of the interview click here]

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Nipsey Hussle 3-Part Video Interview with WestCoastRydaz (July 2009)



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